Friday, July 11, 2008

What kinds of vegetables will I receive?

We are eager to plant as many vegetables that grow in any one short desert season as we can manage with our acreage, propagation space, time and labor resources. However, our planting list is not always our harvest list as some crops do well while others may not, such is the risk a farmer and a CSA member takes! You may scroll down the Harvests page in our blog at to view the contents of members' weekly shares throughout the season for a realistic idea of what we were actually able to harvest for people thoughout each season. In each season typically, some crops that take the longest to mature will only be ready for harvest toward the end of the 10 week delivery session.

We focus our plantings on rare and Heirloom varieties and minimize our dependence on hybrid varieties. This supports biodiversity by creating a demand for seeds of plant varieties that may otherwise become extinct through a lack of growers. A great many of our varieties come from seeds found through obscure and ancient sources during growers travels in other countries. This all translates to an opportunity for members to enjoy the uniqueness, beauty, variety and nutrition of vegetables from around the world not commonly found at the grocers.

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lori4peaks said...

I am interested in joining and cannot find an email or contact address anywhere on this site!!! How do I reach you? THX