Sunday, July 13, 2008

What if I can't eat all those vegetables?

From my own experience as a former CSA member and from the feedback we have received so far from our members, I can relate to you the likelihood that, as members, your family will be eating more vegetables than you are currently. At first this may be challenging, perhaps even overwhelming. To support you, we offer a blog with recipes we post and a world wide web chock full of infinite more recipes at your fingertips!

Currently, members who do not eat their full share have creatively "split" their share with another person or family either by previous arrangement or informally by offering, that is, "sharing" items from their share with an extended family member, neighbor, co-worker, friend or someone who would otherwise not have access to such healthful food. This is another way of expressing and experienceing the "Community" aspect inherent to Community Supported Agriculture and members who have done so have almost exclusively found it to be rewarding and fun.

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